Monday, July 9, 2012

Well Hello Minneapolis Minnesota. We've taken awhile to check back in, recuperations after the Festival's conclusion. We had such a blast and want to thank everyone who showed up to be a part of The Village Reclamation Festival. The Minneapolis Reclamation Project (host to the Village Reclamation Festival) will give updates as to our happenings. Look to this blog for notes on those events! Below is a photograph of the last project in the Seward neighborhood, the Cob Column. Only thing left to do for it is plaster and beautify! Thank you all, so very much, we look forward to doing this again!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting our MUD on in Seward

It could not have been a better DAY 1 of Cob building! We started the first layer of Cob for the Poetry Sharing Post in the Seward Neighborhood. Sisters Camelot came to join us with delicious food once again. It was an awesome start! Little kids got to enjoy in some COB mixing, feeling it in between their little toesys. For any of you uncertain as to what that weird word Cob is and confused as to why you can't find any pieces of corn anywhere, it is an ancient building technique that over half of the world still uses today to live in. Very similar to adobe, it is a mixture of sand, clay, water and straw that is very strong, sculptural and natural to build with. We will be finishing the structure on Saturday, the 30th and encourage all to come out and partake in this awesome event.

For those of you looking for easy access to the remaining Schedule of it is:

Friday June 29th : Natural Building Project in Seward;  2618 E 22nd St.
12 - 6: Come build a sculptural poetry plaza out of cob (ancient building technique using clay, sand, straw and water.) Building with cob is incredibly fun, inspiring of the senses and approachable for the littlest to the biggest of human beings.
7 - 11 Cultural Exchange and Open Mic at 2nd Moon Cafe (2225 Franklin Ave.) How do we begin to live genuinely in community with the many different cultures that exist in Seward? Followed by an Open Mic. 
Saturday June 30th: 
12 - 6: The Cob building continues
6 – 7 ArtiCulture (2613 E Franklin Ave.) our local Art's Laboratory will host an Art Party. Playing has never been so constructive!
7:30 - 9 Closing Ceremony, Cantastoria Puppet Show and Lantern Release down at the White Sand Beach (W. River Parkway, just past 26th St. Follow the stairs 12

Also! Muy Importante, we have only a couple of days left to meet our Kickstarter fundraising goal. If you'd like to support these projects and see more like them happen in the future, then please check out our video. Go to and search: Village Reclamation Festival. 
The Greenhouse Builds Itself! (Well, not really, actually a whole lot of people showed up to help.)
Here are photos from the Greenhouse Build/Permaculture Exploration in Phillips. We had a total blast. Absolute. Today (Friday 6.29.12) we're getting ready to begin the cob building in Seward. Come on by from 12 - 6:00. 2618 E 22nd St. See you soon!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

It Has Begun!
Here are some photos from Day One of the Village Reclamation Festival. We had a blast and got farther than we thought we would despite ending the day early due to impending rain. We're going to keep Muralizing away today, you're welcome to join us and don't forget about Mark Lakeman's presentation tonight at The Holy Rosary Church (2424 18th Ave S. Enter the door off of 17th ave.)

See you Soon,
Love, The MRP